Animal Holistic Wellness Consulting

Dr. Liz has spent a life-time learning and using many holistic methods to help our animal friends lead happier, healthier, more vibrant lives.  A highly experienced Vassar-trained researcher, she has amassed an extensive library of  reference materials including journals from passionate holistic lay people as well as case studies from licensed veterinary professionals. The reference materials alone cover over 1,000 issues our animals can experience.  Dr. Liz works with holistic veterinarians in 5 countries.

Care-persons often call her for suggestions on what help they can give their animal(s) and what their options may be.  They also want to learn how their animal is feeling, what their animal feels it knows or doesn’t know about what’s happening and why,  what their animal feels is working or not working for it, and what their animal feels it wants.

Veterinarians call her for private coaching in increasing their own intuitive abilities with animals and also for help in selected difficult cases.

While connecting and listening to an animal and its care-person, Dr. Liz suggests whatever intuitively comes to her …  nutrition, flower essences, therapeutic grade essential oils, homeopathy, herbs, supplements, energy work, veterinary acupuncture, veterinary chiropractic, magnetic therapy and more.  She often helps care-persons identify, locate and evaluate practitioners, products, and suppliers, or other indicated resources including books, DVDs,  or instructional web-videos to help them help their animal(s).

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