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  • Dr. Liz Severino’s People and Pets Wellness and Spirituality Newsletter.
    In continuous publication since August 1998, the subscription base still includes a high percentage of original subscribers!  Each issue contains pet product information including recalls of foods and medicines, information on healthy pet food choices, occasional pet food recipes, announcements of Dr. Liz’s events, stories from readers, and a great video depicting animals or spiritual content.  Usually 3 or 4 issues are sent monthly.  Urgent recall information is sent out immediately.
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  • Drop by Drop: Using Our Little Bottles of Light.
    In continuous publication since June 2012, this very well received Newsletter addresses Dr. Liz’s passion of using Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and Oils-Supportive products to benefit people, animals, places, and the land.  Each issue discusses featured oils and many ways to use them including aromatically, topically, ingested, and more.  Dr. Liz works primarily with two essential oil companies.  She is a licensed member and distributor for the Young Living Essential Oils company and in her Newsletter always covers Young Living’s monthly specials.  She does private consultations regarding suggestions for usage of Young Living Oils and also when appropriate, oils from one other company.  The Newsletter often features a SHARE column where readers share what they’ve learned and what they’re doing.

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