Essential Oils

Dr. Liz believes essential oils offer major assistance in creating health and wellness. The application and use of essential oils can cover people, animals of all species, situations and spaces including homes and businesses, and the land.  Dr. Liz educates and offers classes on the oils and related methodologies.  She publishes a very well-received Newsletter,  Drop by Drop: Using Our Little Bottles of Light.

Dr. Liz leads a growing, vibrant Team world-wide who are committed to holistic living, all wanting to holistically bring forth the highest possible level of wellness for themselves and their loved ones, including their animals.  Methodologies Dr. Liz and Team members use feature therapeutic grade essential oils for people and animals.  They also comprise nutrition, subtle energy work, homeopathy, sound vibration,  herbs, magnetic therapies, acupressure, massage, movement arts, and more.

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