Powerful Prayer

People report that hearing Dr. Liz’s voice is deeply soothing and healing. Being in her presence is transforming.  Speaking with her is like being IN a prayer.  Being with and praying with Dr. Liz moves energies.

Dr. Liz is passionate about flowing prayer-full sacred energy for the benefit of emotions, bodies, minds, spirits, and situations.  Dr. Liz received her Doctorate in Religious Studies in 2000. Her concentration was healing through prayer, touch, and sound.  She continued to follow her passions and received her Ordination as a Spiritual Healer in 2002 through the great Sri Ranji Roth.  In her doctoral program, she studied the approaches of multiple cultures in multiple countries speaking multiple languages.  The 4-year Spiritual Healers Program required that she demonstrate multiple healing outcomes validated by licensed medical doctors and licensed veterinarians.  She did this very successfully.

In 1998, Dr. Liz founded the World-Wide Angel Wonder-Powers Team.  This amazing Team comprises experienced volunteers from multiple countries who pray for free for people, animals, and situations.  Team members share Dr. Liz’s commitment to “give back.”  You can receive prayer support yourself and/or volunteer to help.

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