About Dr.Liz

About Dr.Liz


Elizabeth Severino “Dr. Liz” is an animal communicator with clients in 50 countries.  A former award-winning Fortune 200 Executive, she also serves as a leadership mentor and coach, a consultant on holistic animal wellness and behaviors, an intuitive counselor, and a spiritual & energy healer. She conducts private and small group sessions world-wide by telephone, Internet, and Skype plus in-person sessions at animal charity fund-raisers and selected other locations.

Dr. Liz lectures and facilitates workshops in-person in the United States and Canada and co-facilitates TeleClasses and Webinars world-wide. A frequent guest on radio broadcasts, she has also appeared on National & Local TV.

Easing suffering and radiating healing peace are my soul’s missions.

It is my honor and blessing to serve you and your animals.

Elizabeth Severino

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